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January 04, 2006



Incidentally, I took my kids (6, 4 and 2) on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride at Disneyland last week. Someday I hope the night-terrors will end.


I have to say, I was in the middle of reorganizing my blog and got frustrated and stopped halfway through it. Now I've gotten shit from you and Stella, and by God!, I'm going to go right now to Blogger and fix the damn thing!!


Have a lovely trip. . .



we got melissa's panties in a wad!

teeheeeeee. good post jane!!! i was beginning to get a damn complex!

this is an interesting subject though that miss hillary and I have spent many o minutes over. as we have nothing better to talk about these days than fucking BLOGS! blah.

i think there is some etiquette. i feel if someone blogrolls you, you should blogroll back. unless the site just sucks ass and you can't bare the thought of promoting it. its like, if the neighbor brings you an apple pie, you have to do SOMETHING!? (not that i have ever recieved or given apple pies...but you get my point).

oh the politics!


I just removed someone from my blog TODAY! How weird....
I felt kind of like a bitch doing it, but I dont read it that often...even though its a good read SOMETIMES and the blogger was REALLY unwelcoming to readers...I think maybe it was a blog for a certain circle of friends...and I just haplessly happened upon it? Anyway....I nixed them. Bacon Grease got their spot.
I dont think I'd link someone unless I thought they really were good...and I wouldn't expect someone to link me unless they liked my blatherings. Not that my ego can take the rejection, but I guess I'll have to suck it up!


You are damn hilarious, Lady! And you're also loving, thought-provoking, inspiring, and sexy as hell. I'm afraid you're a permanent fixture on my twisted-linky-list.


I second Theresa's comment.

Could not possibly fathom a reason to de-link Ms Jayne.

Hysterical. Introspective. Real. Honest. Fabulous.


Jayne, you *are* fabulously funny. I laughed at least twice. If I'd had false teeth, I'm sure I'd have spit them out.

I'm afraid I'm with you. I linkscape when the weather is right, and try to be respectful. If I stop reading something, it's because I encounter "too much baggage and not enough content." It's a personal thing.

Sometimes, I think people can be a bit naive about the internet being the contemporary version of the Wild Wild West. They can have all the rules they want, but good luck enforcing them.

Never got a pie from someone. But the lady across the street made us brownies when we moved in (isn't that great?!). I did not make brownies for her though. I sent her a friendly little thank you note. So in keeping with the metaphor, I think if you go thru life expecting to get back exactly what you give from exactly whom you gave it to, then you're limiting them, you and the universe.



I have been reading your site for a while and never commented, although I must admit that it is is one of my favorites. Your hilarious about 90% of the time *smile*. When I first started blogging I linked to EVERYBODY whose page I visited cause I wanted to have a long blog roll like everybody else ( yeah, I know, please make no comment to the aforementioned statement) but now I've started pruning my roll to only link to those that I read on a consistent basis. I figure my roll is for MY personal convenience not anyone elses.

In-e-wayyyyyyyyys, Im gonna link to you cause I think you make interesting reading.

And please do not feel like you have to link back to me cause then I REALLY would feel like this is one of those high schoolish things ( "I'm your friend so please be my friend too?", kind of things).



Pops: That ride is scary! Jeez, in the movie version of your life, you will be played by Billy Bob Thornton. Bad Pops.

Melissa: HA! It worked! This post was a desperate (though HILARIOUS) plea to manipulate you to reinstate me to your site. I have no shame. : ) And yes, I'm going to go check, and then only link you if you link me. Because I'm as mature as I am FUNNY. ; P

Popeye: Thanks! I did, nothing like face time with a dear friend who is too far away. And oh yeah a little work to pay the bills . . .

Stella: HA! I think it worked and I flushed her out (just kidding, Melissa!) Yeah, it is a goofy topic but I felt I needed to articulate my philosophy.

V: That is too funny. I think I have taken it all way too seriously lately. I think I'm over it : )

Theresa: Do you want to get married? I think T will be totally up for it. ; )

Hill: Awwww, you, too! We can have a big group cultish wedding and the irRev. Jayne will officiate. (That's not creepy or anything, right?) ; )

Shephard: Good points! And of course your philosophy is perfect (because I share it) : )

SmartBlkWoman: I am so excited! I am going to check out your site right now and if you linked me I am linking you and there's not a DAMN thing you can do about it! : )


Ok, is it just me, or is "prune your roll" not hilarious? That's a blogger-specific phrase if ever I read one. I'm going to borrow that, Lata! Love it. ~S

Jayne, hope all is well is your world. Thinkig of you. :)


one final thought, well, it's my final thought, the rest of you can dwell on this to your heart's content. I link to more blogs via comments than I do blogrolls. An insightful, witty, sexy, bewildering comment is much more likely to attract my attention than the blog's name in a list with other blog names. I find very few reads through blogrolls, lots from comments. I'm done now.


Jayne, thanks for stopping by my place, and for the comment!! As a result I've now found your place... and you're right, you are funny!! I'm kinda in between a "b" and a "c" myself... I try to keep it 'pruned' but much like my yard, it gets away from em at times!!


thats good! delving into the different approaches to blogrolls. if yours is too long are you a slut? if you only have 2 or 3 are you conceited? interesting. thanks for the heads up.


Shephard: Yes, that is very blog specific. And it sounds like food. Or something nasty. Or both.

Edge: Ooooh, who was that mystery masked man with his witty, insightful comment? I am compelled to go look at his blog right now! ; ) Good point, thanks for adding it. I have found myself doing the same thing.

Bill: Hey, thanks for stopping in! I know what you mean about having it get away from me sometimes. Like my yard. My papers. Dogs. Clothes. Blog comment sections . . .

Bricotrout: Well, it's not exactly a fascinating or earth-shattering topic but it was good for me to discover and articulate my philosophy because I'm such a dork about proper etiquitte in social relations . . . and I liked your post/perspective to add to the fray.

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