March 03, 2006



Ohhh Jaynie -- You've got a good one here. Me likey A LOT.

Amethyst Rising

Thank you, Jayne... I'll have to look for the book...


Great post. I think it puts blogging and life in general in perspective.

I'm gonna have to pick up this book.

Dick The Boomer

Wow! Excellent post, Jayne. I'm going to print this and keep it in my desk. It's something I need to read once in awhile. Thanks!


ahhhh, perspective, you so often bring it girl


One of my favorite books ... read it several times, bought it for others ... so simple, yet not so simple. Great post.


Can I get a A-MEN?!?!

Um, Jayne...I am a bad bad BAD blog buddy (My opinion, of course) for not visiting you in so long!!

I don't know when you put the new header and "about" pics on here but, I love love LOVE them. They shows us the real you (who is GORGEOUS, by the looks of things. Again, my opinion, but I doubt JUST mine) - a person about whom I have long wondered.

I can't wait to meet you and your friend!! Send me more details and I'll be sure to be there.


Goodun Jayne, and a most exellent example of what blogging really IS.... a personal journal. A place to put yer stuff, a treasure chest sometimes and sometimes Binkly's anxiety closet hehe.

I started mine nearly 2 years ago mostly as an effort to stay connected with my teenage son who was incarcerated for teenage stupidity. I was bran new to the cybersurf and totally intrigued with the idea of "Wow! Looky ME everybody; I bee a reel live rooty-tooty publishy Writer!" At first I was actually printing out every post and carrying or mailing them to the kid, who truth be told wasnt all that absorbed by tales of everyday life on da farm here, he woulda preferred I printed stuff that would have required smuggling in to him.

My first couple of blogbuds just AMAZED me with kind comments, and quickly sucked me into the joy of different perspectives, different styles, and different countries. Many have become real true friends and family to me, I'd have to say that 98% of my social life is happily carried on with people I cant see! I've mused on the fact that I have friends I treasure, count on for advice or support, counsel if asked, and feel either attracted to or maternal towards. Hell, there's some that I'd take a bullet for, yanno? They're very real to me, even if I cant see them.

So I blogged on. And hit the inevitable BlogBlahs, just as any thinking/feeling blogger does. I got jealous of those who got MILLIONS of comments on every single post, since it was so obvious to me that EYE... had written a much better/deeper/smarter thing that same day that NOBODY commented on. I obsessed on my counters; hell YES I was getting 'hits'.. but where's the fukin FEEDBACK, huh?? And I fantasized; dreams of some famous publisher stumbling across my pearls O wisdom and recognizing the sheer genious, making me rich, famous, and oh-so-humble as I accepted my due. I composed brilliant scathing sarcastic comments in my head for those 'comment whores' who's work was so less worthy; knowing that only my inate ladylike restraint and class was stopping my Powers O Prose from bitchslapping them right out of the blogosphere with a Death Comment. I chuckled evilly, I got Rightously angry, I got drunk. I cried once er twice, and I swore that I would Quit; depriving the undeserving world of my scintellating self. THAT'LL teach em uh-huh yup yup... I'll just take my wordtoys and go HOME!

And I blogged on. And a funny thing happened about a year into it... I began to realize that my blog, really IS all about me! A real Diary, with MY style, MY progress, and MY hopes n dreams n schemes n thangs! Never in my life have I kept such an ongoing journal, and tho I dont blog every itty bitty trauma and tribulation in my life, each post connects in MY head to a particular event, or attitude of my life. I can read my archives without wincing now, and actually have used them to cement down a date of something important that I hadnt kept track of elsewhere. I see myself growing; as a person, a writer, a friend, and a rapidly widening butt in a computer chair instead of a hardworking cowgirl. My last lingering fantasy is that someday, some great-great-grandkid of mine will find some dusty ole CD-RW's marked Maggiez Farm, and spend some fun hours wallowing in life.. in the 21st century. Blog ON Jayney, and have fun doin it my friend!


Jayne, I love this book, because it never becomes less valuable to me. :) I think you should put this post in your fave post section, so others can access it. It's a great primer for the book.

The thing I love most about it... is that you posted it just after a post where you felt a bit down. I always enjoying seeing people take responsibility for their moods and perspectives like this. A wonderful reminder. :)

I'm back in blogtown, baby!
~S :)


KnQ: I am so glad you liked it.

Amethyst and SBW: I am such a shameless book pimp, I know . . . (but this is really a good one!)

Dick: That's a good idea, me too. I need all the reminders I can get.

Edge: Thanks, I try, mostly because I recognize my own need for it.

Wendy: Yes, 4 simple agreements . . . I should get them tattoed on my wrist or something : )

Hill: Hm, let's see, the last time you commented was 2/7 and I've had this new banner up here since about 2/18 . . . good thing I do not take your neglect personally! ; P It's as if you uprooted everything and moved across an ocean or something. (Can't wait to see you in London!)

Magz: I love your voice and sentiments here. And your Death Comment! Ha! What a wonderful reminder, that this type of journaling, even when it isn't "personal" (I tend to write more for other people than for myself for some reason) is still an excellent way to anchor a certain sentiment, time in one's life. And I agree, I never kept up with journaling when it was totally private. Fascinating world, this.

Shephard: Thanks! I wasn't that down the other day, just trying to mark my 6 month anniversary blogging somehow. Humor and angst are my favorite markers. I figured you'd like this book, maybe I should put it over there -- I have some sidebar cleanup to do anyway. And welcome back! Missed you.


I needed to read this today (blog karma? lol) It is very easy to get caught up and your points made sense in a witty, concise way. Thanks for a great read!


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