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November 14, 2006



I think the scorn for calling San Francisco "San Fran" is more than a bit dubious. Frisco sounds kinda cheap and taudry, perhaps. But for a city that claims Rice-a-Roni is a treat, should they be losing sleep over an abbreviation? (I'm kidding!! No I'm not. Yes I am).



Nope, wouldn't have know which Bay. I don't tend to clip words so luckily I can keep uncoolness at bay. ;)

nobody important

You do not seem like a very happy person. Always complaining about something. So sad.


I'm guilty of 'San Fran'...but I have since repented being a Utahn and all....

About the previous comment: What the fuck? I've read blogs that are all lightness and goodness and perfectness...with never a complaint....BORING! Besides...you don't complain THAT much and you share many positive things, so WHATEVER. At least you're real.


Shephard: Rice-a-Roni! : ) I'm not sure there's an official city proclamation on that or anything. But yes, Frisco is considered a worse offense than San Fran. "Insiders" always have to find a way to scorn "outsiders" to feel superior. Hey, at least Friscans aren't French! They're the worst with outsider mocking.

Pearl: Your comment had me baying with laughter ; )

Nobody: Look, I know I offended your fundamentalist Christian values with my How to Spread Hatred post, but you're kind of bringing me down here with your anonymous sanctimony. And I LOVE complaining!! Nothing makes me happier ; )

Neena: Hey! I don't really care about the San Fran thing, just posting something out the door and don't worry about the comment, a cheap shot from an anonymous coward (filled with Christian Grace and Love, clearly) who doesn't like my religious views. And it's okay, I do complain a lot, and I am unhappy a lot, and expressing that helps me through the day sometimes. But nevermind all that, we need to talk about Thanksgiving! : )

somebody important

Ahhh... T'anksgiving. {sigh}

It looks like I'm goin' to my olds' for the Family thing this year, despite managing to hold out on both Labor Day AND my own Birthday. Alas, there be things to work out that make leaving my City for a visit down on the farm clearly indicated for this Ohioan.

Hope the traveling is treating you well, Jayne!


* You like that? "somebody" important. Heheh... errr... {-;

Adorable Girlfriend

The City to AG is "teh city" === New York.


Hope your keeping pace with everything and Happy Thanksgiving, Jayne!


you said briefs. i don't know why but it made me giggle like a school girl.


Used to live in Sacto., so references to "The City" and "Bay Area" are obvious to me. I now live in Eugene (that's in Oregon) and it seems that references to the "Bay Area" at least, tend to indicate SF to most people. Some people here do refer to the Coos Bay/North Bend community as the Bay Area, but that, I think, is highly localized. Probably half the people up here, that I run into, if I say "I'm driving down to The City this weekend" will understand I mean SF, but then again half the people here are California transplants just like me. Very occasionally someone will think "The City" refers to Portland, but Portland seldom gets nicknamed, because it's so easy to say already. The main nickname for Portland is "Stumptown."
I don't know, BTW, that it's so bad to shorten San Francisco to San Fran. Frisco, yeah, I agree, that's demeaning, but I've never heard of anyone getting upset at San Fran.

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