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December 30, 2006



It's been good to have you here, but when it becomes something you don't enjoy or find rewarding, you should move along.

You added wonderful energy and substance to the blog world, my dear. We are all better for your presence. I imagine, if you decide to shut down, you'll go do something else with your brilliant Jayne-like creativity and style.


I felt this coming when your posts started to grow longer and longer apart. This disenchantment with the blogosphere seems to be spreading to all my favorite bloggger. *sigh*

If you do decide to leave the cruel, cruel world of blogging behind I just want you to know that your particular brand of insight will be sorely missed.


Well, I'll be sorry to lose your voice from here but will understand.
either way, you all have a wonderful new year!


Sniff. Sniff.


It's been good reading you as long as I have Jayne. Good luck to you if you decide to quit. Happy New Year to you and The Pilot. I hope it's your best one yet.


You know I understand and will still stay in touch!


No! Ignore those people who say that if you feel you should quit then you should! They're wrong! You MUST continue to post!

Oh well, that was worth a shot. If this IS goodbye, then may life take you someplace magical. Like, say, Milwaukee.

Michael Bains

I'm still goin' to make my regular irregular stop-bye and do hope you continue to post a wee bit o' somethin' here and there. If not though, it really has been a pleasure learning some little bit about you.

Happy New Year and a beautiful life to you, Jayne!



I've struggled with my blog from day one, so I know exactly how you feel (except for the fact that you've actually had substance on yours) :-). I'll miss you here, but we'll stay in touch and definitely get together again this year.


Yes, I'm afraid I saw that coming. If you do stop by, say hi.


I totally understand Jayne.
I'd miss your posts. But as long as I hear from you and you're happy, I'm happy too. That's what it's about. A year full of happy!

Henry David Thorough

Wow Jayne... sounds like a healthy response. I will never forget those exciting days for me as a nascent blogger and your generous welcome. When I shut my eyes and think of how cool a blog could be... I will always think of yours.


I know the feeling! Just stopped to check on you and see how things are going. Take your time. I did...but I'm back. For now, at least!


How was the cheese? :)

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