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December 16, 2006


The Pilot

You are my hero. Where would we be without people, like yourself, "blazing the trail".


OMG and here I thought you were a female icon. I had envisioned you as a shapely but hairy-legged goddess but now you reveal that you are as vain as I am. Cool. ;)


I'm right there with you girl! Did you at least get to use the cream that dulls your (ahem) "senses"? I couldn't do it without it (brings tears to my eyes). Tomorrow I go get the electrolosys for the strays that wouldn't laser. Walking taller, but I bet sitting tenderly for a while. ;o) Smooth is great!

Adorable Girlfriend


UC hearts Modest Mouse.


Oh, is this going to be your new Christmas Tradition? Caroling, tinsel and Lasering? :)


Did they use red and green lasers, maybe?


Your a woman of strength Jayne. A true woman of strength.

Michael Bains

Whoa! Ummm... So we know at least one thing you got for the Holidays. Hope you're enjoying with the one you love!

Happy Holidays, Jayne!


A picture is worth a thousand words


TP: blazing the trail? lol

Timethief: I am shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, that you don't know by now how vain I am!

Jules: Yeah, totally slathered on the lidocaine - no fun (but could have been worse) but yes, the thought of throwing away my razors in a few months makes me very happy!

AG: me too (when they don't bug me that is)

Shephard: lol - no, the hair better all be gone by next xmas!!

Popeye: I don't know the color of the laser, I had my eyes closed and dark glasses on . . . but probably.

Krista: It wasn't that bad, just the thought of it was scary.

MB: Yeah, probably TMI but I was so excited, I just wanted other folks to know about the procedure.

Don: Yeah, right. :P

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