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December 08, 2006


Baby Weinertino

Dear Aunty Jayne, I have heard so much about you and wanted to let you know that I will be making my grand appearance in July. Hope to meet you soon!


Holy crap, Nino! You and Erin both?! Oh my God! (And you tell me on my blog, you sick bitch ; )) You will be the best mommy ever and you and T have an obligation to breed those gorgeous genes of yours. I will talk with you soon!!


So, I have to tell you this because I think it's really hilariously coincidental-timing: I watched Hotel Rwanda the other day while locked in my home for a week with strep, bronchitis, and the flu (yes, all at the same time) and it made me cry for about an hour. While sobbing, I called a friend to berate myself for never managing to do enough to save the world but always having 18 bottles of shampoo because my hair REALLY IS THAT IMPORTANT.

Why can't I just come to terms that I can still save the world WHILE having perfectly-conditioned hair?!


i miss you guys SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


love from PERU.

The Pilot

Oh, the other "T". I was really confused there for a second.



A friend of mine introduced me to Tenacious D in college. I forgot the name of the song but ever since then I've thought they were the weirdest band ever, completely unself-conscious ( sp?) and original, but still weird.

I love Grey's Anatomy too, although my friend who is currently in medical school told me that it was nowhere near that exciting and the doctors are more likely to be nicknamed McOldie instead of McSteamy.


I just remembered the name of the song by Tenaciou D. It's "Fuck her Gently". If you haven't heard it, you don't know what our missing.


He cracks us up! We love TD. :)

Oakley Sunglasses

Cool picture, eerie sight. We live in the country and get heavy fog sometimes. I ALWAYS think of that story driving through the fog.

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Hey. New around here and figured I should post an

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