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May 06, 2007




so good to see you writing again. but wow. whats been going on? are you gonna fill us in?? you know you can always email me! ha. DETAILS WOMAN!!???

-perplexed and concerned. should we be?



Welcome back, even if it is for only post or two. Maybe that is what I need, a break from everything to find myself again. I find myself wondering who I am and where do I belong..why am I here.
Can't wait to see your new tattoo, I have been thinking about getting another one.


... quite the mysterious post but great to see you back! Sending you positive energy for all the changes going on. You are loved!


Yea! Jayne's back. I'm still here. What's been going on?!?!?!

Jeff Funk - If The Fates Allow

Hey Jayne!

I just thought I'd check in on you. I reread your wonderful and sweet entry: Sometimes I Wish I Were a Gay Man.

I hope life's been treating you well. I've been publishing stories, stories, stories. I've given myself permission to write anything that interests me. I should keep up with my TypePad blog more. But I'm sort of keeping it around for my podcast. I do hang out a lot over at LiveJournal - http://jefffunk.livejournal.com/

Good to see you're writing again. I need to read your blog and get caught up!


Hey Jayne, and welcome back--even if it's only for a little while or in short bursts.

I thought I had already made a post welcoming you back but for some reason it didn't show up. Argh.....

I'm sending you some positivity. :)

Best wishes.

Michael Bains

WooHoo! She's back!

Glad you've found how to make it all a wonderful learning experience, Jayne.

Oregon? Gnarly! Have fun.


Hi Jayne, so glad to hear you've come out the other side.
I hope this brings you wondrous things you weren't expecting. I really do.
~S :)


still here, darlin'. come visit. It's good for your head down here in Boulder, too. summer is here but the nights are still cool. great hiking and plenty of room chez caroline. send your heart all mending vibes...

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